• Please Contact us for bulk Pricing. - Contact@techedu.com.au We supply all the required Electronic and Mechanical components, PDF  Manuals, Software and 3D Printing files, ready to go, in a single box. Required for this project: 3D Printer, M3 M4  Taps, Screwdrivers, Computer with windows, Each package contains : > Step by Step Construction Manuals. > Operation and Programming Guide. > Reference / Background Materials on the technologies used. > 3D printing files in .STL format. > Required components, fasteners, cables, electronics. > Assembled Microprocessor and Interface Boards. > MiRobot programming and visualization software / device drivers. No time consuming development required ! No complex and frustrating purchasing or resource printing required ! Teachers can spend their time educating... not developing resources.
  • Please Contact us for Bulk Pricing. - Contact@techedu.com.au MiRobot Laser + Educational Robotic KIT. - MiRobot laser PLUS has upgraded high torque, high precision servo motors, unlike the standard servo motors, the PLUS version is more precise and better quality digital servo motors, parts includer are: - 4 X High torque/percision metal geared, ball bearing servo motors. (Only on PLUS version) - 1 X Preprogrammed Arduino Uno - 1 X High Performance Servo motor Shield ( Required for high performance servo motors) - 1 X Power adaptor ( CE / UL Approved and certified) - 1 X USB cable - MiRobot Laser + SOFTWARE ( Windows XP, 7, 8 10 ) - 1 X Full set of Acrylic Laser Cut components - 1 X Full set of fasteners + servo motor horns - 1 X Servo motor extension cable - 1 X Gripper spring - Copies of Assembly and operation manuals (PDF) - All Assembly tools


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