We strongly believe in PROJECT BASED Technical Education, where Students are motivated to learn about technology hands on – “learning by doing”

We understand that its difficult to develop and deliver
interesting and varied technical projects.

We do the groundwork, technical development, documenting and packaging ready for you to deliver to your Students.

Company Information

Technology Education  is an Australian Company, that produces a range of Education Project packages, suitable for Secondary, Vocational and Tertiary Students.

Mi-Robot Laser

WOW – amazing products, for Australian Market, now available for purchase few clicks away on your website, Great stuff, Keep Up the good stuff coming.

Our Packages are frequently designed to work at multiple levels, allowing a wide range of options for integration into Schools Curriculum, depending on the requirements and resources available.

Wide range of Options

Our packages a frequently designed to work at multiple levels

Wide range of options

A wide range of options for integration into schools, curriculum, depending on the requirements and resources available.

3D Printing

Technology Education, provides 3D print ready Projects.

High Quality, Ease to Asemble.

Our Kits are designed, ready to print including all software and documentation.

We also appreciate the importance to Educators, Students and Parents of visible value for money

Not only are our Packages educational, they provide a worthwhile final product.