moveIT is a kit that allows users to program and code servo motors using software and hardware.

Product Description

We are surrounded by new technologies – which we know Students must embrace in order to succeed in many of tomorrows in demand technical careers.
The challenge is in how to effectively teach these complex technologies within the school framework.
Technology Education provides a range of hands on leaning packages that help Schools provide practical, relevant and interesting curriculum choices.
No complex preparation is required, each learning package is suppled ready to go, with all the required parts, documents and extensive background materials.


The moveIT provides exposure to :
> Mechanical assembly.
> Basic Programming.
> Electrical / Electronic connection.
> Robot and Automation Concepts.
> Microprocessor Systems ( Arduino ).
> Information & Communication Technology.

By following the step by step directions the student is guided through the project, whilst also learning about the underpinning technologies involved.
moveIT is supplied with a Microsoft Windows® based Programming and Visualization package – ready to go, as well as a pre programmed Arduino UNO.

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Each package contains :

>movIT software / device drivers
> Arduino UNO and servo motor sheild
> Plug pack power supply
> 4 X servo motors, horns, and extension cables
> USB cable
> Arduino / Servo shield housing
> Operating manual

> Referance / background material on technologies
> Arduino / Servo shield housing
> assembled microprocessor and interface boards



VIDEO coming soon

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 70 cm