/, All Poducts, Laser Cutting, STEM/Mi-Robot V1.1 ASSEMBLED


FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to program MiRobot, Includes Easy to use GUI Software.

> Available in RED or WHITE



No time consuming 3D Printing or Building the MiRobot from the KIT.

Requires a Windows Based Laptop/Computer to install software.






Product Description

We are surrounded by new technologies – which we know Students must embrace in order to succeed in many of tomorrows in demand technical careers.
The challenge is in how to effectively teach these complex technologies within the school framework.
Technology Education provides a range of hands on leaning packages that help Schools provide practical, relevant and interesting curriculum choices.
No complex preparation is required, each learning package is suppled ready to go, with all the required parts, documents and extensive background materials.

The MiRobot is our top of the line learning package, guiding the student through parts manufacture, assembly, testing and programming of a five axis and Gripper Robot. Not just uninteresting theory – real “hands on” learning.
Students and Teachers will be proud to show off the completed robots and Students get to take home their MiRobot to show family and friends what they have achieved.

The MiRobot provides exposure to :

> 3D Printing Technology.
> Mechanical assembly.
> Basic Robot Programming.
> Electrical / Electronic connection.
> Robot and Automation Concepts.
> Microprocessor Systems ( Arduino ).
> Information & Communication Technology.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 70 cm